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The rise of the containerised ballast water treatment system

July 18, 2019
Category: NEWS

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The containerised ballast water treatment system is a clever engineering solution to a tricky problem
Tags: ballast water treatment solutions containerised solutions containerized solutions uniballast port based solutions

UniBallast designed and fabricated PLC cabinet for BWT maker

May 31, 2019
Category: NEWS

For an in-tank BWT maker, UniBallast has provided the design philosophy, electrical engineering and physical PLC cabinet for controlling valves, pu... Continue reading

Tags: PLC cabinet BWT system valves pum dosing unit electrical integration

UniBallast entered into fleet agreement

May 20, 2019
Category: NEWS

UniBallast has entered into a fleet agreement with a cement carrier shipping company.

Under the agreement UniBallast will provide turnkey... Continue reading

Tags: fleet agreement feasibility study 3D laser scanning ballast water treatment

Cooperation agreement between UniBallast and BWT supplier

May 01, 2019
Category: NEWS

UniBallast has a global cooperation agreement with a supplier of an in-tank BWT maker.

Under the cooperation agreement UniBallast is resp... Continue reading

Tags: in-tank ballast water treatment retrofit turnkey installation engineering uniballast

Engineering package BWMS installation crane ship

March 12, 2019
Category: NEWS

UniBallast has been awarded the engineering package for the installation of a BWMS on board a crane ship. The scope of work consist of 3D scanning... Continue reading

USCG BWMS approval status on 26 February 2019

March 06, 2019
Category: NEWS

The USCG BWMS latest approval status can be found here.

Source: USCG Marine Safety Center

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Port Based Ballast Water Solutions from UB

January 14, 2019
Category: PROJECTS

UniBallast has developed several concepts for Port Based Ballast Water Reception and Treatment Facilities which are easy to integrate, operate an... Continue reading

Tags: port based ballast water solutions universal connector in port reception and treatment facility

2019: Year of action on Ballast Water Treatment Solutions

January 01, 2019
Category: PROJECTS

Will 2019 finally be the year where we see some action with regards to implementation of ballast water treatment solutions? 15... Continue reading

Tags: in port based ballast water treatment atlantic blue ports universal ballast water port connector IACS type approval

Senate bill brings US ballast water test in line with IMO

December 04, 2018
Category: NEWS

Following a bipartisan agreement on language, the USCG Authorization Act with the attached Vessel Incidental Discharge Act (VIDA) has been pas... Continue reading

Tags: USCG IMO ballast water treatment technology

UniBallast supports UN sustainable development goal 14 Life Below Water

November 27, 2018
Category: NEWS

With its ballast water management solutions UniBallast actively contributes to reaching UN sustainable development goal 14. Life below water.

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Tags: UN sustainable development goals 14 life below water

So far 12 BWMS have received USCG Type approval

November 13, 2018
Category: NEWS

The USCG infographic shows the 12 ballast water management systems that have received USCG Type approval as per 13 November 2018.

Source: US... Continue reading

Pre inspection crude oil tanker

September 05, 2018
Category: PROJECTS
UniBallast conducted a pre inspection on board a crude oil tanker for a planned on board BWTS retrofit including and full report. Inspection was done... Continue reading

UniBallast completed full BWTS retrofit for VLCS

February 28, 2018
Category: PROJECTS
For a VLCS UniBallast completed a full retrofit from pre-inspection phase till installation manual and commissioning. The whole process took a mere tw... Continue reading
Tags: vlcs retrofit bwts

Feasibility study for BWTS retrofit on Ultra Large Container Vessel

February 15, 2018
Category: PROJECTS

Recently UniBallast carried out a feasibility study for the installation of an UV system to treat ballastwater on an ULCV. Scanning and inspectio... Continue reading

Tags: feasibility study BWTS AVEVA 3d scanning

IMO compliance overview with Ballast Management Convention

February 01, 2018
Category: NEWS
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Source: IMO
Tags: IMO BWMC compliance uniballast

UniBallast's In Port Treatment System for Ballast Water

January 05, 2018
Category: PROJECTS

UniBallast has an efficient way for collecting ballast water in ports. A barge collects untreated ballast water from vessels throughout the port.... Continue reading

Tags: port reception facility ballast water IMO USCG

Have your Ballast Water Management Plan ready and approved

January 01, 2018
Category: NEWS

UniBallast offers a service to have your vessel’s BWMP ready and approved within a few days. Including a stability calculation in case you are us... Continue reading

Tags: bwmp flow through method sequential method dillution method ballast water exchange

UniBallast helps you clear things up

November 27, 2016
Category: NEWS

UniBallast can retrofit your vessel(s) by building in a ballast water treatment system. Or just install our Universal Ballast Water Port Connector... Continue reading

Tags: retrofit ballast water management

Portable Ballast Water Treatment Skid (PWBS)

November 04, 2016
Category: PROJECTS

Because most small workboats have very limited or no free space available in the engine room for installation of an IMO required ballast water tr... Continue reading


Online app helps select BWMS

August 01, 2016
Category: NEWS

Ballast water treatment consultant UniBallast has developed an online application to help choose a suitable ballast water management system from... Continue reading


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